How do we farm 'chemical free'?


Our main defense against bugs and disease is Diatomaceous earth or D.E. for short. How safe is it? Well, the picture above shows our grandson covering himself with D.E. more than the plants and he's alive and well today! To learn more about it, please click on the link below.


Another way we combat bugs and disease is to start with strong, healthy plants right off the bat. We start our own plants in our own greenhouse every February/March. We then sell these strong, healthy starter plants to the public around the beginning of May.


An additional method we use is the 'seek and destroy'. What is that, you may ask? Well, we take pieces of wood and lay it next to the plant that is having trouble, in the evenings. Then, in the morning we remove the wood and usually underneath are a whole bunch of bad bugs. We 'seek and destroy' the manual squishing the bugs ourselves. May sound cruel, but are not chemicals on our food, much worse? 


Since we work hard to keep the ground in balance, we also save all the milkweed we come across and help nurture the 'good bugs' that we do have. Our garden is teaming with wildlife (including bees) and that only means one thing; we are not using chemicals that harm them. So, if you happen to see a snake...take it as a good sign that our garden is good for your body too :)


We also practice crop rotation. To keep the ground strong, we rotate our crops throughout the field and put down natural compost in the Fall. 


All these things add up to the best quality food you can buy. Thanks for supporting your local farmer, we appreciate every single one of you!

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